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World Class Production

Latest Technology in Customized Ophthalmic Lenses

What Do We Produce?

Multifocal (Progressive) Lenses

Today, two different technologies are used in the production of progressive lenses:

1. Traditional Technology: It is the production technology in which the front surface is processed progressively by the manufacturer and the rear surface is processed with simple curves by Rx Laboratory.

2. Freeform Technology: It is a new production technology used in the production of lenses. With this technology, the progressive surface, which was previously processed by the raw material manufacturer on the front surface of the lens, is now processed on the back surface of the glass by Rx laboratory using very precise CNC machines.

Using proper software, very good progressive lenses can be produced with this technology.

In cases where the spherical, cylindrical and prismatic values are higher and the axis direction is not vertical or horizontal but in diagonal directions, the superiority of "customized" progressive lenses produced with Freeform technology over traditional progressive lenses is more effective.


Akay Optik, one of the Rx laboratories with the most advanced infrastructure in progressive lens production in Turkey, is a 100% national capital company that combines cutting-edge technology and production experience.


Akay Optik is a group company of Opak Lens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., the largest optical products wholesaler in Turkey.


How Do We Produce?

Our Machine Park

Akay Optik uses the world's leading lens production machines in the production of custom and traditional progressive lenses.

Machines from Germany are used in FreeForm production, machines from USA in traditional lens production, machines from South Korea in antireflective coating and machines from UK in hard coating. All machines and devices in Akay Optik's machinery are the most well-known brands of their own categories, which are used in the production of the world's leading ophthalmic lens brands today

Akay Optik pays attention to the fact that its machine park consists of high-tech and well-known machines, as well as being meticulous about redundancy and periodic maintenance, ensuring the most effective and efficient operation of the production lines.


Where Do We Produce?

Our Production Facility


Akay Optik production facility is in Bornova, Izmir.

The facility provides the necessary production conditions within the scope of ISO standards and is located in a detached building.  

Akay Optik has moved its production facility to Bornova in November 2020, after serving in a multi-storey building in Bayraklı for many years.  The new building with a single storey has a compound structure and allows the production processes to be carried out more effectively and efficiently.

The facility consists of production, administrative and R&D departments.

Who are we?

Our History

Akay Optik Tarihçe_ENG-1.jpg

Which Brands Do We Produce?

Customized Lens Production
in A and A+ Category Brands

After Akay Optik became a group company of Opak Lens in November 2018, the Opakay formation emerged. Opak Lens brands in the stock lens category and A-category EyeArt progressive lenses are started to be offered to the market under the Opakay name.  

Not only EyeArt, but also Zenith, the A+ top category customized lens brand launched by Opak Lens in November 2021,  is produced by Akay Optik.

You can check these brands produced by Akay Optik on their own websites...

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