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Our Technology

World Class National Production

Production with Superior Technology

Akay Optik takes its power in production from its continuous investment in technology, selection of quality raw material supplier, research and development studies, experienced team and improvement studies in its processes.


Akay Optik's management strategy is based on enabling continuous improvement with an innovative approach.  With this basic point of view, Akay Optik aims to provide efficiency in each production process,  and aims to transform it into benefits for its customers.


Akay Optik supplies the materials used in the production of custom optical lenses from world-renowned raw material manufacturers. Materials with different requirements and properties are selected in the brand and scope recommended by opticians and preferred by users, and used in special production.

Machine Parkour

Akay Optik's machinery includes devices and machines that are used in the production of the world's leading ophthalmic lens brands and that have the most well-known brands in their categories. Machines from Germany are used in FreeForm production, from USA in traditional glass production, from South Korea in antireflective coating and from UK in hard coating.

Eye Art Technologies

  • FreeForm
    Surface Treatment Technology

  • PureView
    Astigmatism Minimization Technology

  • Advanced Ray Tracing
    Enhanced Personal Computing Technology

  • Mobile Adaptation
    Digital Device Adaptation Technology

  • Blue Light
    Blue Light Cutting Technology

  • TransGold
    Enhanced Photochromic Layer Technology

  • Photochromic
    Photochromic Coating

  • Saffron UV
    Super Hydrophobic - UV 400 Anti Reflect Coating

  • Saffron Blue
    Blue Light Coating

Production and Coating Technologies

Design / Software

In addition to its own lens design technologies, Akay Optik works internationally.  By using different software and designs of companies, it provides a quality visual experience to its users in progressive lenses.

Using designs that easily adapt to the vision of the eye at different distances, provide unlimited perception, achieve perfection in visual comfort and realize clear vision at all distances in progressive lens, Akay Optik provides solutions suitable for user needs and demands in its brands.

Zenith Technologies

  • Production Technologies

    • FreeForm

    • Hard Coat

    • Multi Coat

  • Material Technologies

    • UVProtect

    • BlueCut

    • BreakDefense

    • LightSensitive

    • PolarLight

    • ThinLight

  • Coating Technologies

    • AR Plus

    • IR Block

    • Blue Block

  • Lens Design Technologies

    • Binocular Balance

    • Clear View

    • Opti Mesh

    • Digital Profile

    • Ergo Inset - Ergo Corridor

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