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About Us

Precisely For You

Our Commitment
To Opticians

We, as Akay Optik, have been following the world's technologies in line with our principle of combining quality with experience and have been continuing to offer these technologies to the service of lens users in the best way since the first day.


With the formation of Opakay, which started in 2018, we are getting closer to our customers every day with our service speed in all geographical regions of Turkey.

It is very important to understand the demands of lens wearers correctly. And it is just possible by handling the requests sent to us by opticians in a sensitive way and  giving confidence for the solution.

Our customer satisfaction is always increasing thanks to the advanced technology we use, the increase in the lens types in our portfolio, our focus on staff training, the meticulousness we show in production and our sensitivity in quality and control procedures.

We always work hard to provide the most effective service with world-class products to our valuable optician customers in every corner of our country.

Our Mission

We always produce at world standards so that the lens wearers to see better, and opticians to supply them the highest quality lens with the fastest delivery and the most effective service.

Our Experience

Our company Akay Optik, which was established in 1993, has been serving in the optical sector for 29 years and in the production of customized lens for 23 years. Throughout these years, we always deepen our experience by feeding it with technological developments.

World Class Production

As Akay Optik, we have the same machinery and we use the same raw materials with the  world leaders in progressive lens production . Our lenses are no different from world brands in terms of quality and comfort of use. We produce our lenses in world standards...

Our Principles

Our Quality Policy

  • We are a big family working with team spirit.  

  • We always follow modern  technology related to our business.

  • We supply customer orders on time and as desired.

  • We make continuous improvement in our quality management system and products.  

  • By working in accordance with the law in our workplace, we offer quality and safe products that comply with standards and contracts.

  • Working in harmony with the suppliers, we procure the raw materials at the desired quality level under the most suitable conditions and use this efficiency for the benefit of our customers.

  • We ensure that the commitments given to the customer are fulfilled by maximizing all possibilities. Customer satisfaction is our priority.  

  • Our system is built on doing what we do right the first time and every time.  

  • We believe in the contribution of sharing knowledge for sectoral development.  

  • We constantly renew our knowledge, technology, infrastructure, processes and system in order to make the brands we produce the first choice of our customers for ophthalmic lenses.

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Our History

Rooted in the 1960s
29 in the Optical Industry,
23 Years in Optical Lens Production...

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Our President's Message...

Akay Optik's Past and Present
and the Opakay Formation

Dear Colleagues,

Our company Akay Optik was established in Izmir in 1993 by Mr. Mehmet Akay with his broad experience in the optics industry since 1960.  Mehmet Akay, who is known as the doyen of optics in Turkish optical indstry not only today, but also in previous years, is of Cypriot origin and received his optics training in London in 1969. After the transfer of Akay Optik to Opak Lens Group of Companies in 2018, Mehmet Akay returned to Cyprus, where he was born and grew up, and continued to manage his family's optical stores. Mehmet Akay, the founder of Akay Optik, continues to contribute to Akay Optik with all his experience and knowledge, whenever necessary.

Established in 1993 to provide wholesale service as an optical glass warehouse, Akay Optik Ltd. Şti. started to manufacture Rx in 1998. With the addition of the AR laboratory in 2004, it continued to serve the sector as a fully equipped factory. With the R&D studies carried out, it has achieved the success of being the first company that can deliver AR coated organic lens in one day without sacrificing quality.

Today, Akay Optik is one of the leading companies that produce the highest quality optical lenses and anti-reflective coatings in Turkey, with its extensive experience in Rx and the latest technology we use. And today it is leading the market in optical lenses, as it has been for years.

In 2012, Akay Optik incorporated the "freeform" production technology, in addition to the traditional lens production technology, and started to provide services in this regard. 

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In November 2018, after a year of cooperation between Akay Optik and our company Opak Lens, which has the most extensive optical product distribution network in Turkey, Akay Optik joined Opak Lens Group of Companies, and naturally increased its service speed in all geographical regions. Thus, under the name of Opakay formation, Opak Lens has started to distribute its own brand of stock lenses, as well as the customized progressive lenses which are manufactured by Akay Optik.

Today, we are very proud that our company Akay Optik, which serves the optical sector as a customized progressive lens manufacturer of the Opak Lens Group of Companies, is one of the few companies in Turkey with its 100% national capital and producing at world standards. And likewise all our group companies we always work hard to keep Akay Optik evolving in its own path.


H. Erol Harbi

Chairman of the Board

Akay Optik

Opak Lens

Cihan Medikal

Optik Gazete

H. Erol Harbi,
Chairman of the Board

Akay Optik Imza 2018.jpg

16 November 2018, İzmir, Akay Optik Bayraklı Building
From Left to Right: Şipar Akay, Mehmet Akay, Turgay Coşkun, Erol Harbi

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